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The best eco friendly menstrual pads in Australia

Menstruation is a natural part of a woman’s life. We should not be ashamed of it. Gladly we have period pads that keep us spot-free. Reusable period pads are one option to manage your period smoothly. But which is the best brand of eco-friendly menstrual pads you should buy?

Characteristics of reusable pads you should consider

Cloth period pads are often made of organic cotton and it is the best material for reusable period pads. In buying reusable pads, you can ask the seller if their products are made of organic cotton. You should also consider if their packaging is waste-free. A lot of brands nowadays still use plastic as their packaging. 

How do eco-friendly period pads work?

It is totally understandable that women were used to wearing traditional plastic pads because they  don’t know the great impact reusable period pads make. Now that there’s a lot of information about the benefits of reusable menstrual pads, we will share how it works.

You can wash reusable period pads and use it again unlike disposable pads. You will just have to secure the cloth pad to your underwear and it will absorb the liquid. It is made of fabric that makes it more comfortable to wear. If you want to know how to clean and maintain your reusable menstrual pads, read this article.

So what is the best brand of cloth menstrual pads in Australia?

Flow Co eco pads

Flow Co strives to be the best brand of reusable period pads in Australia. Aside from the good quality products, we make sure to create a great relationship with our customers. We also use eco-friendly packaging for our orders. Flow Co started this year and we are aiming to expand our reach, and to also help underprivileged women around the world.

We hope that you learned something about reusable menstrual pads and how it works. Whatever brand you choose, keep in mind that what you’re doing is a great initiative to save this planet. You are all amazing!

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