How to wash my cloth pads?

How to wash my cloth pads?

What are eco period pads?

Eco period pads are made of fabric, usually cotton and are used as an alternative to disposable pads. You can reuse eco period pads and make a sustainable period journey. It is a better option because it is more comfortable, breathable and cheaper in the long run.

How to use eco period pads?

First, you have to wash them before you use them. When you are ready to use them, just position the pad on your underwear and snap the buttons around the crotch area of the underwear. 

how to use my cloth pads

How do I wash eco period pads?

Step 1: Soak your eco period pads in cold water for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you want to soak them for longer hours, make sure to change the water. 
Step 2: When the water is cleared of blood, you can wash the eco period pads either by hand or washing machine. We recommend not to use softeners as it can ruin the absorption capability of the eco period pads. It can also help to avoid skin irritation.
Step 3: When it comes to drying your eco period pads, you can use a dryer in low heat. We recommend drying them under direct sunlight. The heat from the sun is a natural sanitizer.

Won’t eco period pads get stained?

If you opted to buy white eco period pads, you may notice some staining. However, it does not mean that the eco period pads are not clean. If you’re concerned about the stains, you can buy eco period pads with patterns. In this way, stains wouldn’t be obvious. You can also reduce blood stains by soaking the pads immediately after using it. You can also try some home remedy like water diluted with vinegar. 

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