Reusable Menstrual Products For Underprivileged Women

Reusable Menstrual Products For Underprivileged Women

In this time where everything can be purchased, it is too hard to be an ethical consumer. Being an ethical consumer means that you purchase products which decrease social and environmental negative impacts. Reusable menstrual products are one of the ways  you can ethically purchase. 

When period starts, it means different things to each of every woman. For some it means another milestone. However, for some it means it is a big problem and adjustment. In addition to this, young girls don't have any idea on how to manage their period the right way. Yes, there is a right way. One of them isusing reusable menstrual products.  

The right way to manage menstruation

  1. Shower daily (A must!) 

You can skip washing your hair but make sure to wash your body daily. This is important to keep your body clean and free of any bacteria.

  1. Use gentle soap in cleaning your vagina

If you can’t stand the fact that you don’t need soap to clean the inside of your vagina, you can use gentle soap for instance. Do not use any product with fragrance and harsh chemicals. Remember that the vagina is self-cleaning. The pH of the vagina can possible be ruined as a result of improper cleaning. 

  1. If possible, use toxin-free reusable period products

Reusable menstrual products like period pads, for instance are made to give women the toxin-free period product alternative. It doesn’t contain chemicals that can harm your body. As a result, your body can function at its best even during your period. If you wanna know more about this, read our blog.

  1. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods

Avoid foods that are high in sodium. Eat vegetables and fruits to keep your body at bay during your monthly menstruation. In conclusion, healthy period starts from healthy habits.

  1. Don’t overdo your workout

If you can’t skip your daily workout, just make sure to just do light exercises. Listen to your body. Take a day off if you must. 

Reusable menstrual products for all women

These types of information are not widely available to all women. Let’s spread period education around the world and help women have a healthy period. Flow Co stands with women in need of period products in all parts of the world. We are willing to help them as much as we can. Just recently, we have been fortunate enough to make a donation of $2223 worth of our pads to be taken to a women’s shelter in Kenya.

This is just the beginning of our goal to help all women struggling to have a healthy period. We believe that reusable menstrual products will help them achieve the toxin-free and sustainable period journey. If you want to support us in this mission, you can message us on our social media channels. Above all, you can share period education bysharing our blogs and posts.

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