Best Eco Period Pads

Best Eco Period Pads

The options for the best eco period pads are too many and maybe you’re confused which to choose. We will help you decide what and where to start in choosing the best eco period pads for you.

The best eco period pads should be comfortable to wear, with high absorbency and should be affordable but high quality. The pads should be organic, chemical free and fragrance free. The size should be not too small or too large, it should be perfect for your flow. 

How to know the best eco period pads for you based on your calculated flow?

You should know how heavy your flow is. One study found that a period flow is 36% blood and 64 percent other elements, such as tissue, blood clot, uterine lining, and mucus.

To calculate your actual period blood loss, multiply the number of period products you used during your period by 5 ml (if you use regular sized products) or 10 ml (if you need higher absorbency). Multiply the answer by 0.36 to get the approximate amount of blood you lost during your period. Also, menstrual cups may hold anywhere from 30 to 60 ML at a time (depending on the brand). If your cup doesn’t indicate volume, you can research the manufacturer’s website to learn more. The normal amount of menstrual fluid loss per period is between 5 mL to 80 mL. If you bleed over 80 mL of menstrual fluid, it is considered heavy menstrual bleeding. 

What’s the best way to start using eco period pads?

First, start with a few eco period pads that can absorb the volume of your flow. If you have a heavy period, you can start to use a large sized eco period pad. With our best Flow Co eco period pads customization, you can choose different sizes and designs in a pack. So if you want 3 sizes in one pack, you can have it. Just like your regular sanitary pads, eco period pads need to be changed after a certain amount of time. If you feel that the pad is already heavy and there’s a slight wet feeling, you should change your eco period pads. 

If you want to start using eco period pads now and don’t know how you will wash them after use, you can check our blog on How to properly take care of your reusable period pads. 

Choose what’s best for you and for the planet. This will not only give a huge impact to your life but also to the next generation.

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