Best Eco friendly Sanitary Pads in Australia

Best Eco friendly Sanitary Pads in Australia

Having so many options with your period products is sometimes agonising. Currently in Australia, there are several options available for period pads and menstrual cups.

But the real question is, which product can help reduce the waste you consume. Which product is safe for you? Our brand Flow Co is the answer. We offer reusable sanitary pads and wet bags here in the Gold Coast. 

What makes Flow Co different from other period pads?

Flow Co was established just recently and we are happy to say that our brand is doing well. We have gained repeated buyers and the period pads reviews were amazing! Flow Co pads are made of organic cotton outer layers lined with natural, absorbent inner microfibre cloth. It has a special waterproof coating on the inside which will prevent leaks and absorb an average of 30ML or 1 ounce. Our pads are available in these sizes:

You can customize the pack you want. Choose from 10 different designs and 3 different sizes. As an Australian brand, we make sure to provide the best service to our customers. We use eco-friendly packaging to reduce waste effectively. Right now we are shipping in Australia only but we are looking forward to expanding the business and being able to ship around the world.

Can young girls use eco-friendly period pads?

Flow Co eco-friendly sanitary pads contain no toxins and are safe even for teens. As young as they are, parents should teach them to use toxin-free products. And as we all know, teenagers are sometimes very conscious. Changing plastic period pads tend to produce plastic-y sounds. Whenever they are in school, it can make them feel embarrassed. Using Flow Co eco-friendly period pads will give them the confidence to change whenever they want because it has snap buttons that hold in place instead of adhesives. Another important thing to teach teenagers is to clean their eco-friendly period pads properly. We have an article for this as well. 

Women today are not limited to just one option. Women are capable of anything. Choosing what’s best for you can change your life. Do not settle for less especially with your period products.

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