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What Is A Wholesaler

A Flow Co. Wholesaler is an individual or business we partner with provide our eco friendly products at a wholesale price. This allows businesses to have access to exclusive bulk prices to make it profitable for wholesalers to use our products as apart of your own business.

We Believe In Helping Wholesalers Succeed!

We believe in working with & helping our wholesalers with their endeavours to be successful and as long as using our products align with our brand and mission. We want to help make all wholesalers have a really successful journey help more women with having access to the highest quality pads on the market. Whilst making sure that they are cost affective and affordable options.

What Do We Do On The Call...

All wholesalers will be booked into a live phone call with one of our highly trained business grown team members where we discuss and find out how Flow Co. can help you and your business. On this call we want to make sure you are a good fit to represent our brand but most important we want make sure we are the best option on the market for your ideas and goals. 
We believe if on this call we see there might be other option on the market that could be more beneficial for your business than it is our job to guide you in the right direction that will most benefit your goals.
FREE Advice & Mentoring
We offer advice & Mentoring to our wholesalers as we believe that working together allows us all to improve processes to help wholesalers get better results as well as helping & benefitting more women.
Support 24/7

We aim to bring wholesalers a great experience. Hence, we always support wholesalers anytime, anywhere through phone calls and chat support.

Fast Delivery

Get access to fast order time and affordable turnarounds in stock manufacturing and shipping to keep your business stocked up and alway available for your customers.

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