Why should you switch to eco-friendly cloth period pads (Non-toxic period)

Why should you switch to eco-friendly cloth period pads (Non-toxic period)

Period hygiene should be one of the top priorities of women. Realistically, hygiene usually combat comfort. When you have your period, you have the tendency to be moody and tired to do anything.

We know that you wish it would be easier. Luckily, we have better options for you to have a more convenient period!

Another problem women are facing nowadays is regarding sustainability. A lot of women care about how their period products are disposed of. There are more available eco-friendly products now and it could really help in reducing waste consumption. One of these is eco-friendly cloth period pads. 

Is it safe to use eco-friendly cloth period pads?

Hard Yes! Your period is a natural process. Using eco-friendly cloth period pads means having a natural, non-toxic period.

More and more plastic sanitary pads are reaching our oceans, and using reusable products can help lessen this. 

Eco-friendly cloth period pads are safer than disposable period pads

Not only are these chemicals in plastic pads bad for the environment, but also for your body. These chemicals can cause irritation, and are carcinogens.

It can also disrupt your hormones. You wouldn’t find any harsh ingredients in eco-friendly cloth period pads.

Eco-friendly cloth period pads are more comfortable 

In general, wearing a pad isn’t that comfortable but if you use cloth period pads you can immediately feel the difference. Because it is made of fabric, there is no plastic-y feeling.

There’s also this sticky feeling whenever you wear disposable pads. Eco-friendly cloth period pads are very pleasant to wear. It is adhesive-free and safe for women with sensitive skin.

Plus the fact that it is very discreet. No more plastic adhesive noise when changing pads in public restrooms.

If you’re still not convinced, consider using eco-friendly cloth period pads slowly. Start with one to three pads. Flow Co has 3-pack eco-friendly cloth period pads. Try these first and see if it works for you. If it does, go for the 12-pack. We also have the wet bags for you to store your pads whenever you need to travel. Have fun during your period with eco-friendly cloth period  pads.

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