What are the materials used for reusable sanitary period pads? Are they safe?

What are the materials used for reusable sanitary period pads? Are they safe?

Several women are looking for better options to disposable menstrual products. While some women are already using tampons, there are some who have also been daring enough to use menstrual cups. If these two options are not in your list, you’re left with reusable sanitary period pads. Here is everything you need to know about reusable period pads.

Reusable sanitary pads are cloth pads that absorb menstrual blood and stay on for about 4-5 hours depending on how heavy your menstrual flow is. You need to wash the cloth really well after use and remove all stains of blood to be able to reuse the sanitary cloth pads. 

Reusable sanitary period pads are usually made in several layers that have cotton or hemp. Obviously, you do not have to buy new ones after using these so it is indeed budget-friendly.

How to properly use a reusable sanitary period pad?

Nowadays, reusable sanitary period pads are made with a lining that makes it leak-proof. These reusable pads also come in different patterns and sizes of your choice. You will find that you won’t have to change as often because it provides increased comfort, leak-proof and has a higher absorbency level. Cloth pads like our Flow Co reusable sanitary period pads have wings that snap into place; there’s no adhesive like with disposable pads.

 Are reusable sanitary period pads safe to use?

The most important benefit of reusable sanitary period pads is that it is sustainable. These pads are made of environmentally-friendly and biodegradable materials. Hence, this means that we generate less overall waste.

Reusable sanitary period pads are more comfortable and skin-friendly. You should avoid exposing your intimate area to chemicals used in disposable plastic napkins and tampons, so reusable sanitary period pads are a great period product alternative. The materials of this reusable pad are soft and breathable as well. Reusable cloth pads are absolutely safe to use—but not without proper care. 

Cleaning and drying these reusable sanitary period pads are part of your priorities. Remember to change the pads at regular intervals of maximum 6 hours to avoid skin issues and infection.
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