Period is a topic that lots of people would rather not discuss openly. That's why you've probably heard so many myths about period products, hormones, and pregnancy. Let’s discover what is true - and what's not - about periods.


MYTH #1: Period can prevent pregnancy. 

Fact: your chances of getting pregnant while on your period are slim, but they're still there so don't ditch birth control when you’re not planning on having a baby. Your body is preparing for pregnancy by releasing an egg and thickening the lining of your uterus, that is why the menstrual cycle happens. 


MYTH #2: Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is JUST your head.

Fact: Premenstrual syndrome causes symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and sadness before or during your period. For some, PMS may cause them to miss work or school because they're so severe. But for some, it can be mild. PMS is caused by hormones, which are completely out of your control - it's not just in your head and it's perfectly normal.


Myth #3: Period products should be kept private and covered when purchasing. 


Fact: Getting your period is completely natural. They are all personal hygiene products no one should be ashamed of this. It is completely normal and you should be proud that you take care of your hygiene.


Myth #4: Women with periods are dirty.

Fact: There is nothing impure about menstruation. Period is a natural process.


Myth #5: Physical activity can disturb the menstrual flow.

Fact: Gentle stretching can actually help relieve pain. It helps ease your period symptoms. Gentle movement can also make you feel energized. 


What happens when females get their period? For some women it depends on where they live. For some, it is a day for celebration. Sometimes it can be an agonizing introduction to adolescence and force many to miss school or even drop out altogether, especially for girls who live in places where menstruation is taboo.