Top 5 Exercises to Do When You Have Your Period

Top 5 Exercises to Do When You Have Your Period

#5 Yoga

Gentle movement during your period can reduce back pain and cramping. Today, yoga is practised and adored all over the world, and with good reason: it has many benefits. Studies found that consistent yoga practice can increase muscular strength and both cardiovascular and respiratory function. It also reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and depression and improve sleep quality and overall well being.

#4 Home Workouts

Home workout during period is ideal for anyone who can't go to the gym when they're feeling a bit emotional or are worried about starting to flow during your class or set. Using the time to focus on your form at home can be extra beneficial.

#3 Swimming

Swimming is one of the most relaxing and gentle workouts you can do if you have your period. Studies shown that swimming can help ease the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS, such as anxiety, depression, tension, mood changes, weak coordination, headache, tiredness, pain, breast tenderness, and cramps.

#2 Running

Just remember to avoid high intensity activities. Do less of a HIIT workout with sprints, and try a LIIT workout (low-intensity interval training) with walking is ideal during your period journey.

#1 Walking

Undertaking just 30 minutes of walking every day has been found to help with cardiovascular disorders and general health.  During the worst of your period symptoms, a low-key activity like walking may be the best option. 

During your menstruation, low levels of estrogen/progesterone may make you feel unmotivated and sluggish, not to mention whatever personal symptoms you have like inflammation. It’s not your fault. It’s hormones. Following one of these five ways to exercise during your period can help you face the day with so much confidence and happiness. 

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