Top 3 Exercises To Avoid During Menstruation

Top 3 Exercises To Avoid During Menstruation


The physical and mental advantage of exercise doesn’t stop just because you have your menstruation. In fact, sticking with a routine can actually help ease some of the common menstrual symptoms.

If fatigue and mood swings are symptoms included in the days leading up to your menstruation and during your cycle, regular aerobic exercise can help lessen these. However, there are also some exercises you may want to avoid. You might want to consider these minor adjustments in your workout during your period:

Intense cardio 

Intense cardio can cause heavy menstrual flow. That is why you should avoid this during your menstruation. Intense cardiovascular exercises can lead to extra stress on your mind and body when you are on your period, so we recommend that you make some adjustments. 

Long workout duration 

Together with the intensity, workout duration should also be cut. Make that 90 minutes to 30-40 minutes for at least 4-5 days a week, and with breaks too. This will help reduce cramping during menstruation. This will also give your body the time to recover and replenish.

Weight training if having cramps

avoid the weight training part if you are experiencing menstrual cramps from the very first day of your menstruation. Lifting weights can disturb your menstrual flow. 

Giving your body and mind the time to relax during your menstruation is the best thing to do. Self-care is really important during this time. 

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