The bloody poverty in Australia

The bloody poverty in Australia

One in five Australian women are using inappropriate alternatives to manage their periods such as toilet paper and socks because they can’t afford period products like pads or tampons. This is a very disturbing situation.

Based on Share the Dignity’s survey, half of 125,000 residents missed at least one day of school because of their period. Because they lack proper sanitary care, women find it hard to focus in school. Others wear pads or tampons for longer than four hours because they didn’t have enough sanitary products to manage their menstruation.

How can we help women experiencing period poverty?

Share the Dignity works to help women in Australia who experience period poverty. It is a charity that supports underprivileged women to have access to period products by distributing sanitary products. 

They organize collective drives and campaigns and distribute the products directly to different charities in Australia. They strive to end the shame and stigma around periods through our Period Pride campaign.

If you are from Australia and you want to extend your help to these women in need, you can go to their website and send them your message. 

As an organization that promotes the best period product for women, Flow co is also working hard to be able to help these women. We are also aiming to raise funds and distribute necessary period products to underprivileged women in Australia. 

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