how to use reusable period pads

Reusable period pads: How do they work?

The transition from traditional sanitary pads to reusable pads is not easy. Women have different bodies and different needs. When it comes to feminine products, we have to choose what's best for us. There are better period products available in the market nowadays. We just have to choose what works best for us. In this blog, we have answered some of the many questions you have for a period product. Reusable period pads: How do they work?


What is a reusable period pad?

Unlike single-use sanitary pads, these pads can be reused by washing it using your hands or washing machine. 


How do reusable pads work?

Reusable period pads are very easy to use. Unlike single-used plastic pads, it does not contain adhesives. You can also bring them them anywhere. Just store them in a wet bag or in your purse. Here are the major steps in wearing them during your period.

  1. Adjust the position of the pad in your underwear.
  2. Fold the wings around your underwear.
  3. Secure the position by closing the snap clip buttons.


How to clean cloth period pads?

  1. Soak the used pads in cold water for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Wash by hand or in a machine.
  3. Dry properly.
  4. Fold and use again.


How long do they last?

Each brand is different. But these pads last usually around 3-5 years when cared for.  Remember to always use cold water in washing them to avoid staining. It is also recommended to dry these pads under sunlight. The heat from the sun is a natural disinfectant. Make sure that you know how to use and take care of them. All things last when they are maintained well.


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