reusable period pads

Reusable period pads for a better period management

A woman’s monthly period is a natural process. Finally, there are better options nowadays to have a better period every month – the reusable period pads. These cloth pads uses gentle and safe materials like organic cotton and bamboo charcoal. These pads are more comfortable to wear. 


Reusable menstrual pads are the eco-friendly alternative to manage your monthly bloody journey. Here are the ways why you should switch from disposable pads to reusable menstrual pads:


  • Very eco-friendly - unlike single-used sanitary pads, these cloth period pads are reusable hence you won’t add another sanitary pad waste into that bin or worse in the landfill. 
  • No nasties - if you’re tired of that irritation from your period pads, these reusable cloth period pads can save you. These pads uses natural materials such as bamboo charcoal and organic cotton that are gentle for your delicate skin.
  • Absorbency level for-the-win –  worry no more for leakage because reusable period pads got your back! Because these pads uses materials like organic cotton, it absorbs way better than disposable pads. 
  • Secured position – Unlike disposable pads, reusable cloth period pads have snap buttons that hold into place. They do not contain strips with adhesives which make that annoying noise every time you change pads.
  • Cheaper cost – Disposable period pads are cheaper if you buy them in packs. However, can you imagine how much you will spend in a year buying more than 10 packs of these? Way more expensive. When you buy cloth period pads, you’ll pay x amount one-time and you’re good to go for almost 5 years!

Thousands of women have switched to eco-friendly and reusable period pads. If you are not convinced yet, we encourage you to try it as a trial run. Purchase one small, one medium and one large period pads and try them first. If you liked them, buy a pack and be proud to announce that you manage your period the eco-friendly way! 

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