Reusable period pads can save almost 3000 disposables from landfills and ocean

Reusable period pads can save almost 3000 disposables from landfills and ocean

A woman will menstruate around four decades of her life and will use somewhere around 9000-1000 period pads or tampons to manage her period. The production of these disposable pads and tampons needs massive amounts of fossil fuel. Fossil fuels produce hazardous air pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and mercury, that can be harmful to the environment and human health.

Other than fossil fuels, another major impact of disposable period products is that they usually end up in  the ocean. People flush tampons and pads, and it  ends up in sewers and waterways. This causes the water resources to become polluted and the aquatic animals to get intoxicated. 

Reducing carbon footprint and water pollution one reusable period pad at a time

One of the Co-founder of Flow Co, Stacy English, is a climate and humanitarian activist who has decided to launch this store with her main purpose to introduce cute and cost effective ways to help women have an eco waste free period. The Co-founder, Jackson Earngey, is also a very passionate climate and humanitarian activist. Jackson has another brand 'The Eco Fight', which is dedicated to helping clean the oceans from plastic.

Flow Co is a brand of Reusable Period Pads in Australia, based in Gold Coast. The purpose of Flow Co is to give a cheaper, more sustainable, and cuter alternative to period products. Being one of the brands of reusable period pads in Australia, Flow Co is very passionate about making a difference around the world.

It’s not too late to switch to sustainable period products

Plastic pads and tampons take hundreds of years to biodegrade. If you switch now, there is enough time to reduce carbon footprint and pollution caused by disposable pads. Try our 6 Pack Eco-Friendly Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads! You can customize the size and designs you like in your pack. You can also add a Waterproof Wetbag 5 Pack so you can store your pads whenever you're outside.

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