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Safer period option for women

Did you know that the plastic period pad you use can affect your hormones? The plastic sanitary pads you use contain toxic chemicals, and one of them can disrupt hormones. This chemical is called Phthalate. Several products such as period pads, cosmetics, detergents, cleaning agents, adhesives, lubricants and insecticides contain Phthalate. Majority of plastic products contain this chemical. 


Can Phthalate enter my body?

Yes. Phthalate can get into your body if you products that contain this chemical or eating food that is high in Phthalate. Meat from animals  exposed to this chemicl is also a way Phthalate can enter your body.


How does Phthalate affect my hormones?

Phthalate is considered as an endocrine disruptor. According to several researches, it can cause hormonal imbalances. It is also linked with endometriosis.

What can I do to have a safer period?

You have to be careful on the products you use on your body and on the food you intake. Check the ingredients of the products you buy. Phthalate is very common to menstrual pads. Make sure to use organic period pads or better yet, switch to reusable cloth pads or menstrual cups. These products are safe for your body and are way cheaper in the long run. 

It is basically avoidig plastic a  much as possible. When buying products, choose those which are from organic materials. Reusable period pads are safe for your body because it is contains from  organic cotton. It does not contain toxic chemicals that can disrupt your hormones. It is also leak-proof because it has a waterproof lining. 

Choose your health over short-term convenience. Try the safest products available for you. Your health is your wealth. Have a safe period.

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