Whether you are an adult or a young girl, you can’t avoid feeling the discomfort every time your period comes. It’s a good thing that as time passes by, there are lots of period tips that can help you deal with these period pain.

Here are some period tips for you to be able to feel comfortable during your period.


  • Drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated during and even without periods is important. It helps to avoid blood thickening. It can also decrease menstrual cramps and back aches. This one will always be added to someome's period tips list.

  • Eating healthy, quality food.

Vegetables and fruits during your period is a must! Avoid foods that are high in sodium content such as processed food to prevent bloating.

  • Take a hot shower.

Taking a hot bath can ease period cramps as well. This can also help you relax and relieve your stress. This is ne of the bet period tips too!

  • Do light stretches.

This can release the “feel good” chemicals in your body called Endorphins. These are chemicals produced by the nervous system that makes you feel happy and relaxed. 

  • Use safe, comfortable period products.

The top priority you have to consider during your period is to use the best product possible. Try to use safe period products like cups or reusable period pads. It will save you from the toxins found in plastic period pads. This is also one of the best period tips we can give you.

Flow Co was founded to give women a choice and freedom with regards to their period products. We promote sustainability and love for nature as well. As we grow, we want to help women living in low-socioeconomic areas to have access to cheap and high quality period products. We also want to raise awareness about period health and period education. It is not too late to break the stigma about periods. We hope that giving these tips can fulfill that goal.


Every woman should be comfortable in their own bodies even during their period. We should not be ashamed that we are menstruating. It is a natural process and we should be proud that we conquer those cramps and other PMS symptoms. We have that power no one can take away from us because we are women. For more period tips, follow us on ur social media channels.