period diarrhea

Period-related diarrhea

Have you experienced period-related diarrhea? If yes, you don’t have to worry about it because it is completely normal. 

Why does period-related diarrhea happen?

Your gastrointestinal tract is affected by the same hormone that makes your uterus contract during menstruation. Hence, you experience diarrhea. Does this happen to all women? Actually, no. Some women don’t experience diarrhea during their period. This is because it is related to a hormone called Prostaglandins. This hormone causes contractions on your uterus, hence the lining sheds. Prostaglandins also cause contractions in the intestines. 

Can I treat period-related diarrhea?

If necessary, you can use the same medication for regular diarrhea in treating period-related diarrhea. Make sure that you are drinking a lot of fluids if you experience diarrhea during your period. this will help replace all the liquids you lose because of diarrhea. Other ways would be avoiding these foods:

  • Caffeine
  • dairy products
  • Sugary food
  • Spicy food


You can also reduce the stressors around you in order not to worsen your period-related diarrhea. Meditate and take a breather. Set a time wherein you don’t use any gadgets or anything related to your stressors so you can focus and take a rest.

In addition, you can also try probiotic food. This food increases the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut and can help reduce period-related diarrhea. 

Seek medical attention if:

  • diarrhea lasted beyond 2 days
  • Period cramps and pelvic pain that cannot be treated by OTC Medicine
  • Mucus in the stool

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