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Period hygiene for women of all ages: Period Tips

Period hygiene is an important topic women should give attention to. Information on right hygiene practices and hygiene products are not always accessible for other women especially with the underprivileged ones. The goal of Flow Co is to help all women of all ages take care of their reproductive health by making them informed about the right products they should use during their menstruation. 

There are some questions we can answer for you to understand how to take care of your hygiene properly during your period. Make sure to take note of these:

1. Is it okay to take a bath during my period?

Yes. Bathing during your menstruation is totally safe. We recommend bathing in lukewarm water instead of hot water as hot water can often make your bleeding heavier. If you take a bath in the tub, make sure that the tub is sanitized.

2. Should you douche when you have your period?

This is a big no. Douching is not needed because the vagina is self-cleaning. You can wash away the good bacteria if you wash the inside of the vagina. Wash only the outside parts of your vagina. Make sure to start from front to back to avoid fecal matters from entering your vagina. 

3. Can I use feminine deodorant products to avoid odor?

We recommend using just lukewarm water to clean your vagina. Any chemical based products can ruin your vagina’s PH level.  3.8 -4.5 is the range of the vagina’s healthy PH

4.What is the best period pad to use?

Choose the period products that can accommodate the volume of your flow. If you prefer pads, we recommend that you try reusable eco period pads. Reusable eco period pads are safer compared to disposable ones. It does not contain any toxins that can irritate the vagina. It is also more absorbent because it is made of cotton. You will not worry about period leakage because most reusable eco period pads have waterproof lining outside to prevent leaks.

These questions are just some of the questions we encountered and we hope we have helped you decide what actions you will take to ensure that your period hygiene is great. There are several options for period products nowadays in the market and we recommend that you do your research too, consult your OBGYN and choose what products work for you.

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