Panty liner: Is it useful?

Panty liner: Is it useful?

A panty liner works similar to a regular period pad, only lighter and smaller in size. You can use it everyday for vaginal discharge or for light menstrual flow. This can also become handy for women who experience an unanticipated period.

Why should you use a panty liner?

Reusable panty liner helps to absorb vaginal discharge to avoid that wet sticky feeling down there, and a way to maintain a clean and fresh feeling. However, it is recommended to change your panty liners every 3 hours to maintain proper hygiene.

These small pads can also be used for light incontinence. This is common for women who just gave birth. In this type of situation, panty liner is your best friend. Here are other benefits of panty liners:

  • Panty liner can help keep your underwear clean.
  • No moisture all day.
  • It can help with light postpartum flow.

How do reusable panty liners work?

Reusable panty liners are very easy to use. Unlike single-used plastic liners, it does not contain adhesives. You can also bring  them anywhere. Just store them in a wet bag or in your purse. Here are the major steps in wearing them:

  1. Adjust the position of the panty liner in your underwear.
  2. Fold the wings around your underwear.
  3. Secure the position by closing the snap clip buttons.


Is reusable panty liner better?

Reusable panty liner is the small size of reusable period pads. The layers are made of bamboo charcoal, microfiber cloth and leakproof polyester. Materials such as these will help to avoid leakage. It is better to use cloth pads if you will use them frequently to avoid any health related problems. That's why, these small pads are better than single-used plastic liners.

Where to buy?

Flow Co offers cloth sanitary pads in size small which serves as a panty liner. We have 10 different patterns to choose from. You can also buy our wet bags that come in 10 different patterns as well. 

If you want to maintain a dry and fresh feeling, you can always choose panty liners. And if you want a safer and more comfortable feeling, choose reusable panty liners.

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