Have you ever used a menstrual cup to manage your period? These cups are actually present since the 1930s. Nowadays, you can choose from different brands of period cups online.


How to use menstrual cup?

The difference of a menstrual cup from a period pad is that it is made to collect your period instead of absorbing it. The material used for the period cup is silicone or latex rubber. To insert the cup, tightly fold the cup in half with the rim facing upward. Once you inserted it, rotate the cup gently to create a seal that will prevent the leaks. It is important to relax your body during the insertion.


To remove the menstrual cup, hold the stem softly until you reach the cup’s body. Pinch the base of the cup to release the seal, and then pull it out gently. Pour the collected period blood in the toilet or in the lavatory, then clean the cup.


Benefits of the period cup

  • Eco-friendly – Goodbye plastic period pads, hello reusable menstrual cups! Plastic waste no more.

  • Budget-friendly – You can save money since you don’t need to repurchase period products every month.

  • Great for heavy flow – A period cup can hold 1 once of period blood. Once you inserted it correctly, there’s no need to worry about leaks.

  • Less odor – Since your cup forms an airtight seal, menstrual blood won’t smell even if you wear a dress during your period.


If you are thinking of ditching your traditional way of managing your period, menstrual cup is great option for you. It is completely normal to find it hard to use at first. Once you get used to it, you’ll enjoy the benefits of period cups more. We also encourage to ask your doctor first before trying it for the first time to make sure that it is suitable for you.