Menstrual Cramps Explained

Menstrual Cramps Explained


Menstrual cramps are the throbbing pain you get in your lower belly during or even before your period. Dysmenorrhea or period pain is what we also call cramps, this may range from moderate to severe and extreme. 


When the ovaries release an egg that travels down the fallopian tube, menstrual cramps usually begin. This usually happens for the first time in a year or two after getting the first period. Menstrual cramps usually become less painful and may stop entirely with age. 

The symptoms of menstrual cramps may include:

  • lower back and thighs pain
  • headaches
  • nausea/vomiting
  • sweating
  • dizziness
  • loose stools
  • bloating & constipation

Do you have to see a doctor when experiencing menstrual cramps? Only if:

  • blood clots are larger than a quarter
  • symptoms are extreme and get progressively worse
  • Continuously feeling pain not just around menstruation

Don’t worry too much. There are certain lifestyle changes that can help to reduce cramping. These include: exercising regularly and trying to reduce stress by quitting smoking, if a smoker will also reduce menstrual cramp.

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