Have you heard of the menstrual cups? Some people might be gross whenever they hear this. Menstruation plus the word cup? Yes, it is a thing. These cups are used to collect period blood. It is a funnel-shaped, small, flexible cup made of silicone. 


How to use the period cup?

Consult your gynecologist first before switching from a period product to another. If you’re ready to try menstrual cups, make sure to find out the perfect size that best works for you. These are the basic tips on using your menstrual cup for the first time.

  • Make sure your hands are clean.
  • Make sure that the cup is clean before using it.
  • Lubricate the rim of the cup before inserting it into the vagina. 
  • Fold the menstrual cup in half with the rim facing upward.
  • Relax your body. Insert the cup with the rim facing upward.
  • Once you insert the cup, rotate it gently. This will open the cup inside creating the airtight seal that will prevent leaks. 

How to remove the menstrual cup?

You can usually use menstrual cups for up to 6 to maximum of 12 hours. If your period is not heavy, you can wear the cup overnight. Here’s how you can remove your menstrual cup whenever you have to wash them:

  • Clean your hands first.
  • Relax your body. Put your index finger and thumb inside the vagina. Pull the stem of the menstrual cup softly until you reach the body.
  • Pinch the silicone base to release the tight seal, then pull down the cup.
  • Once it is out, empty the cup in the toilet or in the sink and wash it properly.

Benefits of the menstrual cup

  • Period cups  are environmentally-friendly period products. You can use period cups for longer than 5 years when cared for properly. This means no waste during your period!
  • It can save you lots of money. Just like reusable period pads, you can pay a one-time amount of money in buying period cups. However, when you do the math you’ll save lots of money in the long run.
  • It’s more comfortable once you get the hang of inserting it. Unlike plastic pads, you won’t get rashes from wearing period cups. 
  • Period cups are safe to use because they do not contain chemicals and you won’t get any bacterial infection. However, it also depends if you practice proper hygiene. 


If you’re thinking of switching to menstrual cups, have a thorough research about it first. Consider the safety, quality, and your budget in this matter.