Healthier alternative for period products

Healthier alternative for period products

Period is no longer taboo in today’s world and even men are aware about menstrual health. Sadly, there is not enough awareness about the long term health effects of some period products such as plastic pads and tampons. Today we will talk about these effects, and how we can prevent them.

Disposable plastic sanitary pads are made up of plastic and cellulose. It contains dioxins, furans, unspecified chemical fragrances, and residual pesticides. Let’s discuss the effect of each of these ingredients.


  • Highly toxic and a carcinogenic
  • Can cause reproductive developmental problems
  • Can damage immune system
  • Can interfere with your hormones


  • One of the persistent organic pollutants that cause skin toxicity
  • Can cause reproductive health problems
  • Can cause teratogenicity
  • Can cause endocrine disruption

Chemical fragrances 

  • Common ingredient is Phthalates which pose potential health hazards such as breast cancer, infertility, and endometriosis.

Safer alternative for a healthier period

  1. Reusable period pads are a great alternative if you want a healthier period. They are comfortable, toxin-free and cheaper in the long term. There are different sizes such as large and longer ones so you won’t have to worry about leakage.
  2. Menstrual cup is also a better option. Instead of using plastic tampons, you can switch to period cups which are made of medical-grade silicone derived from silica and with a lifespan of around 10 years. It is safe to use and can hold your period well. 
  3. Period underwear is also a good alternative. They are available in different designs and a wide range of sizes too. For those who don’t like the feeling of wearing cloth pads and menstrual cups, this one will make your period more convenient.

There is no harm in trying period products that can make your health better more than ever. You are free to choose whatever product makes you happy and satisfied. Reusable period products are made to give better options for women of all ages. It is safer, cheaper and has a better absorbency level. Make your choice now and thank us later.


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