Good Period Hygiene

Good Period Hygiene

We already know the benefits of using reusable period pads. But are there even negative effects of using eco-friendly reusable period pads? Let’s find out in today’s article.

Is eco-friendly reusable period pad hygienic?

These advantages of using eco-friendly reusable period pads probably convince you to try it. But you should take note that like other period products, reusable pads should be used “properly and carefully”. Eco-friendly reusable period pads need proper cleaning and drying. Otherwise, it can cause bacterial growth which may lead to vaginal infection. If you are not committed to proper period hygiene, you should think twice if you will use reusable period pads. 


How often should I change my eco-friendly reusable period pads?

Your reusable period pads should be changed at regular intervals of 6 hours maximum. This is to avoid irritation and vaginal infection which can be a result of the pads wetness. Even if the pads are not full enough, you need to change them to keep your private areas clean and dry.


How should I keep my used eco-friendly reusable period pads?

You can wash them instantly after removing them. If not possible, keep them in a container like a ziplock bag or a wet bag made for period pads. It is recommended to wash them immediately after use. You will have to pre-soak them in cold water to make the blood separated from the pads. After soaking them for 30 minutes, wash them either by hand or by washing machine along with your other clothes. Dry them under direct sunlight if possible. The heat from the sun helps in disinfecting your eco-friendly  reusable period pads naturally.
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