Flow Co: The New Way To Empower Women

Flow Co: The New Way To Empower Women

Hi, we are Flow co!


Flow Co started last 2021 with the purpose of empowering women through sustainable period products. We are a small company with a big heart and goal of helping women across the world. We believe in making a difference around the world. As a result, we are raising awareness about period poverty. We are also helping to provide those disadvantaged women to have access to period products. We believe that period products are a necessity not a luxury. 


The Founders


Flow Co's co-founder, Stacy English, is a climate and humanitarian activist who has decided to launch this store with her main purpose to introduce fashionable and cost effective ways to help women have a waste free period. This originally became her passion through learning about period poverty and learning about the avenues currently being taken to minimize this rate and reduce period wastage as well. It's a goal for Stacy to use this brand in making a real difference for women in need.


The other co-founder, Jackson Earngey, is also a very passionate climate and humanitarian activist. Jackson has another brand 'The Eco Fight', which is dedicated to helping clean the oceans from plastic. Jackson believe that it is not just cleaning the oceans that is the focus but how we can stop future creation of single use products. He believe all women have to have access to sanitary products. This is why Flow Co was born. 


Honesty & Integrity is important to us as a brand. We believe in creating high quality products and a brand that means something is the least we should do. Our products effectively & drastically decrease the growing problem of plastic pollution of period product wastage. We are thankful for each and everyone of you who supported us from day one until now. We won’t be capable of helping others without your help as well. Flow Co is indeed grateful for all of you. 

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