Effective menstrual hygiene

Effective menstrual hygiene

Each month, women undergo a process wherein the lining of their uterus sheds. It is called the menstrual cycle. The period blood consists  of partly blood and partly tissue. Menstrual cycle needs proper menstrual hygiene. Without this, one’s period can be a huge physical and even mental problem. Here’s some effective menstrual hygiene practices you should definitely start doing.


  • Take a shower everyday - This is important even without periods to maintain cleanliness and avoid body odor. Keeping yourself clean is not juts a part of having an effective menstrual hygiene but an overall good hygiene practice. 


  • Wash your genitals properly - Rinsing your genitals with lukewarm water thoroughly should also be an everyday practice even without your period. Do not use harsh chemicals in washing your delicate body parts. Effective menstrual hygiene does not mean you have to use strong cleansing agents. 


  • Do not use  products with chemicals and fragrances - Do not believe the advertisements that fragrant feminine wash can keep your vagina odorless and clean. The vagina is self-cleaning. These chemicals can just ruin the vagina’s PH level and can make the smell bad. It can also be the cause of infections like vaginitis.


  • Use safe period products like menstrual cups or cloth period pads. These products are safer for your body because they contain no chemicals. These are also safe for the environment.


  • Don’t wear your pad or cup for more than 4 hours. Changing your period product frequently helps to keep your skin dry and avoid infections. 

Effective menstrual hygiene is the key to a healthy period. Take your time and enjoy the process. Make sure to share this information to the people who need it most. Period health is very important for all women of all ages.

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