Eco period pads review

Eco period pads review: what people are saying about Flow Co Reusable Period Pads

Flow Co eco period pads started this year and we are very honoured to receive kind feedback from our customers. Read these awesome eco period pads reviews and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Eco period pads review

Customise sizes and colour! I was drawn to this brand of value with options of size and colour customisation. Purchased 2 sml, 5 med & 5 large. I have come to love these over my period underwear. Its capacity is higher. Dries quicker than underwear brands. It’s a bulkier feel but soft and can be worn with your own comfortable underwear. I wear a cup and have a heavy flow and wear this now as it doesn't leak over into my clothes unlike the3 menstrual underwear brands i have tried. Gives me the option to change if flow is heavy. Just wished it came with a wet bag!” - Sophia

We are very grateful for this kind testimonial, but what makes us happier is that our products really satisfied our customers. We make sure to give our buyers the freedom to choose their preferred designs and sizes in a pack. So if you like to purchase different sizes and styles in one pack, you can do so! We are also happy that our pads provide higher absorbency levels than other pads. This is one thing we need especially when our flow is heavy. 

We are doing our best to create quality products and we’re excited that Flow Co Wet Bags are on its way to being part of our store! Stay tuned for the release date.

Eco period pads review

“Absolutely fantastic. Arrived In plastic free packaging. Beautiful prints. Great communication from the company. Will definitely be buying more.” - Rebecca

With regards to packaging, we make sure to use eco-friendly materials such as sticky cardboard tape and carton boxes. It’s very important for us to produce not just environmentally friendly products but packaging as well. So, thank you so much for appreciating our conscious efforts by leaving your amazing eco period pads review.

 Eco period pads review

“Very happy with the pads, they fit well and are really comfortable. They absorb a lot more than my traditional pads so I'm very happy with that. They are easy to clean as well and the stains washout almost effortlessly. I think these were the best purchases I have made from facebook ads. These are truly good quality pads.” - Chloe

We cannot stress enough how reusable period pads are better than traditional plastic sanitary pads. Our sensitive area down there deserves the best care possible. You should not use pads that’s made up of harsh chemicals. The above eco period pads review makes us grateful because more and more women take the leap of faith to switch from traditional period pads to reusable ones. 

Our movement in promoting healthy, eco-friendly alternatives to period products doesn’t just stop with selling eco period pads. We are also preparing more exciting period products for women. These positive eco period pads reviews are our fuel to be more excellent in what we do.

Thank you for supporting our mission. We also want to help underprivileged women who do not have access to period products, so if you see us on social media don’t hesitate to connect with us. These amazing eco period pads reviews gave us motivation to continue raising awareness and giving women the freedom to choose the best period product for them. 

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