what are eco period pads?

Eco Pads Australia

Eco pads are now common in Australia. Eco pads are an alternative to single-use period products. In other words, it represents “green menstruation”. Millions of women use disposable period pads and you can imagine how it affects the environment. It’s a lot of waste! The sad truth is, disposable pads take 500-800 years to decompose. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of sustainable products available in the market. Reusable cloth pads are not only a trend but also create a great revenue. Flow Co as a brand not only envisioned to be the number one brand of eco pads in Australia but also the number one company that created change in women’s lives.

What is our number one goal?

Flow Co was born to help underprivileged women to have access to cheap and high-quality period products. Aside from providing eco pads in Australia, we want to educate women by raising awareness about period care.

What’s next for Flow Co?

Eco pads are not the end of Flow Co’s mission. We will also release more period products that are affordable and high-quality. It is our goal to reduce waste consumption and encourage women not just in Australia but around the world to choose the best period products for them.

How can you help us to help others?

You can purchase our reusable eco period pads. We have different sizes and designs in a pack. You can customize the sizes and styles too. We also have wet bags available now. By buying one, you are already helping us spread sustainability awareness. You can also donate if your heart desires. More than the profit, we value the change we can make in other people’s lives. Help us to empower other women. All women deserve nothing but the BEST.

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