Eco-friendly Period Pads

Eco-friendly Period Pads

You’re probably wondering why a lot of women use eco-friendly period pads despite the fact that it’s not that convenient because they have to wash them instead of just disposing of them after use. Well, eco-friendly period pads have a lot of benefits. But before we talk about the benefits of eco-friendly period pads, let’s discuss how it started.

History of sanitary pads

Women used rags, cotton, knitted pads, rabbit fur, even grass and sheep’s wool as their menstrual pads during the early days. In the search for new methods to stop excessive bleeding during war, nurses in France thought of using disposable pads made of wood pulp bandages. Later on, the idea was used by many manufacturers. In the year 1896, Johnson & Johnson came up with their own disposable pads called Lister’s Towel: Sanitary Towels for ladies. It’s very interesting that now we have more options with our period products such as eco-friendly period pads.

Although disposable pads were already available before, it was too expensive for women to purchase. That's why many of them continued to use the traditional pads. It took long years for disposable pads to become common for women’s period use. Fortunately, women are not shy to use eco-friendly period pads until now.


Why women choose eco-friendly period pads

Women should treat their period as a priority. It’s important that we choose the best products to use and take care of our overall health. Our monthly period should be our monthly reminder to take good care of ourselves.
Eco-friendly period pads are good for your health. Especially on your skin. Disposable period pads contain plastics, fragrances, and chemicals that can cause irritation in the private areas of your body. Nobody wants that, right? Eco-friendly period pads that do not have synthetic ingredients can cause vaginal infection


Eco-friendly period pads are great for our planet. A woman will use an average of 12,000 disposable pads, liners and tampons in her entire life. That is a huge amount of waste! Using eco-friendly period pads can help reduce waste. It lasts for 3-5 years if you take good care of them. This also helps in reducing other plastic waste because of shipping and packaging.

Comfort is one of the things we should prioritize as well. In using eco-friendly products, not only does it hold period well but also it is way more comfortable than traditional plastic pads. The fabric of the eco-friendly period pads is soft so you won’t have to worry about that plastic-y feeling whenever you’re on your period. Eco-friendly period pads have snap buttons that snap into place. No need for adhesives.


How many eco-friendly period pads will I need?

It depends on how long and heavy your cycle is. Typically, women use 6 to 12 eco-friendly period pads for a few nights. You’re free to start with a few pads and buy more depending on your needs and what works best for you.

Still in doubt? You can always try and start with small steps. You can try our 3-pack Eco-friendly period pads and use them during the last days of your cycle. Or test one on the first day of your period to see if it can hold your flow. It depends on your preference. We have sizes small, medium, and large and come in beautiful patterns. We now also have wet bags! How cool is that? Feel free to explore our pads here. We hope that however you want to manage your period, you will feel comfortable and happy because that is the top priority. 

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