Eco-friendly & cheap swaps for a more sustainable home

Eco-friendly & cheap swaps for a more sustainable home

Reducing unnecessary waste and finding sustainable alternatives might be a long and hard process for some people. But also, eco-friendly swap do have a great impact on our daily lives. 


Take note of these hacks to make your lives more budget-friendly and eco-friendly.


Glass food containers over plastic container


Plastic containers are reusable but there will come a point where you’ll need to replace it. consider investing in some glass storage containers Instead of stocking up plastic ones. With proper care and handling, a set of quality glass storage containers could last way longer.


Buy Second Hand If Possible 


This is obviously better for the environment and your wallet. You can find a lot of good quality clothes and furniture in the thrift shop. Also, you can reuse the old clothes and turn them into rugs.


Ditch air fresheners, open the window instead


Opening the window for fresh air is better than inhaling air fresheners. It can trigger and worsen asthma  and allergies. This is not cleaning the air as well. Infact, air fresheners can pollute indoor air quality by adding potentially hazardous pollutants.


Choose Glass Straws Over Plastic Ones


Plastic straws contribute a lot to the deaths of marine life. These animals have swallowed plastics found in the sea debris which leads to extinction. Reusable products are safe for humans and animals. 

Reusable instead of plastic pads


Once you have enough reusable pads, you’ll never have to purchase another disposable pad or tampon again – for as long as three to five years. Reusable cloth period pads are also made from breathable and soft fabrics which is perfect for air flow. Less sweating and irritation – this is what you’ll get from reusable pads.


Reusable beeswax wraps rather than cling film


Disposable plastic cling film is indeed a convenient kitchen tool but unfortunately, it’s not safe for the environment. There is a greener way for wrapping up leftovers –​ the reusable beeswax wrap. It is from organic beeswax, cotton, and jojoba oil. This wrap is breathable so food stays fresher for longer hours.  


There are a lot of eco-friendly swaps you can find online and we hope that these few hacks can help you switch from single-use to reusable. Let us work together for the environment and for the future generations.

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