Eco cloth period pads for a sustainable period

Eco cloth period pads for a sustainable period

Majority of women have been raised to use the traditional ways of managing their menstruation. These are disposable pads and tampons. As we age, we discover how these single-use products affect our health and our environment. 
Today, we love to share ways you can switch to a more sustainable way to manage your period by using eco cloth period pads. 

The effects of single-use pads and tampons

The average generated pads and tampons waste per year is around 200, 000 tonnes. These are all plastics. These single-se products mainly contain plastic, not to mention its packaging. Sadly, this waste usually ends up in landfills or worse in oceans and rivers.

Eco cloth period pads – a more eco-friendly alternative

Flow co eco cloth period pads can be re-used for about 2-5 years. Unlike single-use pads and tampons, it has a minimal impact on our planet. Eco cloth period pads are made of cotton and have no chemicals so you don’t have to worry about bad health effects. It is also easy to wash and store. 

Is washing your eco cloth period pads gross?

Definitely not! Washing your eco cloth period pads is just like washing your regular clothing, except for the soaking process. Yes, you have to soak the used cloth period pads first for a minimum of 30 minutes. After soaking, you can wash the used pads either by hand or machine. You can actually add this to your morning or night routine. Caring for your body is not gross. Try for a few times and we assure you that you’ll enjoy your period journey with eco cloth period pads.

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