The things we own last depending on how we take care of them. Cloth period pads usually last more than 3 years. Others can maintain their cloth menstrual pads period pads for up to 5 years.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your cloth menstrual pads:

  1. Soak and wash your cloth period pads in cold water - You need to soak your cloth period pads in cold water and not hot water. Hot water can worsen and set some stains in your pads.
  2. Don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach in washing your cloth period pads - Using bleach or even fabric softeners in washing your cloth pads can reduce its absorbency levels.
  3. Have back up pads for rotation - If you want your cloth  pads to last longer, have stocks for rotation. 
  4. Dry the pads naturally - If possible, it is better to dry your cloth menstrual pads under the heat of the sun. It disinfects the pads naturally and also, you’ll use less energy.

There are several positive reasons why women switch to cloth menstrual pads. One is that they are very eco-friendly. Unlike traditional period pads, cloth pads are reusable and can last up to 5 years. Secondly, they are more comfortable to wear. It doesn’t have sticky strips that contain adhesives. Reusable cloth period pads have snap buttons that hold in place. 

These cloth menstrual pads are also good for your bank account! Purchasing single-use period pads over and over again costs you a lot in a year. Meanwhile, cloth menstrual pads cost you a one-time amount for more than 3 years. These period pads last longer than 5 years if you maintain them. We hope that you treat your pads like you treat your luxury clothes or bags. They do more than absorb your period blood. These cloth period pads reduce waste consumption and save you from toxins that are part of  plastic pads.