Incontinence pads for sustainable women

Incontinence pads for sustainable women

What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a pretty common condition. It is the loss of bladder control. It ranges from occasionally having urine leakage up to the sudden urge to urinate after sneezing or coughing. Incontinence pads are your bestfriend during this time.

Types of incontinence:

  • Stress - Exerting pressure on your bladder like sneezing, coughing or lifting heavy things can make you urinate.
  • Urge - You have the urge to urinate often especially during the night. This may be caused by an infection or a disease.
  • Overflow - Your bladder doesn’t empty completely, that's why you experience frequent bladder leakage.

Are regular sanitary pads designed to hold pee?

Regular period pads are not designed to absorb pee or urine. However, you can use reusable period pads as incontinence pads. You can use these cloth period pads for light bladder leaks. Choosing the right size of reusable period pads is not that hard. There are sizes made for light, moderate and heavy periods and also can be used for incontinence.

Sizes of incontinence pads

If you have light bladder leakage, you can choose small sized cloth pads or the medium-sized one. It depends on your lifestyle and preference. For moderate incontinence, you can use either medium or large. And finally, for the heavy leakage you can use the large cloth pads.

How do you clean these incontinence pads?

You can wash the pads just like how you wash it after using it for your period. Just rinse in cold water, wash by hand or machine, and then hang to dry. Best to dry them under direct sunlight too. 

Can I use Flow Co period pads for urinary incontinence?

Absolutely! Our pads can absorb up to 30 ML of liquid. The outside of our cloth pads is a waterproof lining that prevents leaks. It is also comfortable to wear and will not irritate your skin. Try our 3 pack first if you’re still in doubt.

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