Best option to manage your period the eco-friendly way

Best option to manage your period the eco-friendly way

Every effort counts in saving the planet. Switching to reusable products can make a big difference. Women nowadays are choosing to be sustainable by switching to eco-friendly period products.

Menstruation is a natural process and a monthly situation for women. This occurrence can be managed in a healthy, dignified way by choosing the right and safe period products.

How to manage a girl's first period?

Teen girls usually get their first period when they’re around 12 years old. However, some get it between the ages of 10-15. This is completely normal. A girl’s period may not come regularly for the first few years. It will eventually become regular about 2-3 years after her first menstruation. 

Teens might get confused on what product they should use to manage their period. The parents or guardian can guide them on what products are effective and safe for them, and also about the symptoms they will experience such as period cramps, back pain, tender breast, etc. 

If you are a mom and you have a daughter, it’s important that you read this. You are the first person whom she can speak to about her menstruation and it’s vital that you know what to say to her.

Recommending period products might be crucial too. We recommend that you encourage your daughter to use reusable cloth period pads. It is the best option for her since these pads do not contain any harmful ingredients. 

Why are disposable pads not 100% safe?

According to Peberdy et al., 2019, majority of the disposable period pads are made from synthetic compounds, rayon, and non-organic cotton. It also contains furans and dioxins, chemical fragrances, residual pesticides, preservatives like methyldibromo glutaronitrile that may cause cancer, and reproductive and hormonal problems.

Why Flow Co is the best option to manage your period the eco-friendly way?

Flow Co reusable period pads are 100% safe and have a high level of absorbency. It is manufactured to be leak-proof and comfortable for women. Contains zero toxins so it’s perfect for your health. All our pads can absorb 30ML or 1 ounce of period blood. You can also get a wet bag for the pads! These wet bags are safe for a girl on-the-go because it’s water-proof and handy! Get your first Flow Co reusable cloth period pads to manage your period the best eco-friendly way possible.

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