biodegradable sanitary pads

Are sanitary pads biodegradable

The conventional pads women usually use nowadays are made with cotton and synthetic rayon. These cottons potentially consist of pesticides and insecticides and are treated with chlorine and bleached. Can you imagine that these chemicals are being absorbed by your body?

Are cloth period pads biodegradable?

If you use cloth period pads made of organic cotton, then yes it is biodegradable. Organic cotton is plant-based and causes no harm to the environment. 

Reusable cloth period pads can save the wildlife

Non-organic pads take up to 500-800 years to degrade, while cloth pads made of organic cotton degrade in just 2 years. Farming these organic cotton does not require pesticides and insecticides that can kill birds, insects and bees. They are needed to balance our ecosystem. Reusable cloth period pads also use less energy and water in its manufacturing process.

Advantages of organic cotton

  • Environmentally and wildlife friendly
  • Uses less energy therefore less greenhouse gases
  • Uses less water (water preservation)
  • More comfortable to wear

What’s your choice? Do you care for the future of our environment? If yes, you can start by using and promoting organic period pads today. See our options of different patterns and sizes that you’ll absolutely love. 

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