All about plastic pollution and what are the things you can do about it

All about plastic pollution and what are the things you can do about it

 Almost everyone knows that plastic pollution is getting serious all around the world, but sadly only few people care. As a company that promotes sustainability, we care so much about the situation of our environment that’s why we want you to be informed about it as well. Here are some information and tips on what you can do to help in saving the environment from plastic pollution.

One million tonnes of single use plastic were produced in Australia each year, and sadly just 12 % of these are recycled. The rest are found along Australia’s coastline.

 What can I do to help minimize plastic pollution

  1. Recycle - read your area’s recycling guidelines so you won’t waste time recycling something.

  2. Buy eco-friendly products - these products are better for the environment because it is reusable for a long period of time.

  3. Support businesses that promote sustainability - be a conscious consumer. Support businesses that use reusable products and packaging.

Small decisions like buying reusable products creates huge change for the planet. Discarded single-use plastic that ends up in landfills and seas destroy marine life and wildlife. Worse, it will destroy human life. Let us do what we can as soon as possible to prevent major damages to the environment. 
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