Menstrual Cycle 3 Unusual Facts That Will Open Your Eyes

Menstrual Cycle 3 Unusual Facts That Will Open Your Eyes

Menstruation or menstrual cycle is a natural process that women experience every month. However, there are women who skip periods because of some reasons such as irregular menstruation and other reproductive conditions. 

Here are some interesting you may not know about a girl’s period or menstrual cycle:

Period is stigmatized in many parts of the world.

A lot of women receive discriminations and misconceptions about menstruation. This causes them to avoid social interaction. Lack of information about menstruation can cause these issues. It is important to educate yourself and others about a woman's menstruation or menstrual cycle.

Poor period hygiene can lead to serious problems like urinary tract infection.

Young girls should be educated on how to take care of their period hygiene. Introducing them the right period products can help in improving their menstrual hygiene. One safe and proper period product for them is the reusable period pads. It is completely safe for them because it does not contain toxins. Parents or guardians should also teach them the right way to clean and maintain their reusable period pads. As young as they are, we should educate them about their menstrual cycle.

Not all girls have access to proper period products.

Several countries have a lack of proper period care supply such as period pads. Not all girls have the privilege to sustain a healthy menstruation, and they need our help. You can contact your local health center or any organization in your place that promotes charity or donation drive donation. 

Flow Co aims to empower women with our reusable eco-friendly period pads. Therefore, as our company grows, we will build a platform where people can donate to underprivileged women. Our goal is not just to raise awareness about period poverty and menstrual cycle but also to help others in need. And of course, to live a simple, waste free life.

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